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Airsoft summer camp. Would you go? What would you pay?

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--- Quote from: themonstercometh on June 28, 2006, 12:05:42 PM ---Go a little less for the abuse of bootcamp, so much as the feel of it; a 13 year old kid is not going to have the same limits of physical activity as a person in their 20's. IMO, you should make it feel as though you're going through bootcamp with the drill sergeant, but not feel like you're gonna upchuck throughout the entire day running laps. Make the appeal more to creative drilling than plain ol' physical abuse; if someone wanted hardcore tactical training, they would go to their local SWAT.

Some ideas I've considered/used in the past to train my team:
-Get the team to go to a local 12-floor (EXTREMELY CROWDED) department store/mall. Tell them that a balloon is located somewhere on a floor and that it is not hiding. Split team up into groups of 3; whichever group finds the balloon first gets some kind of prize. The catch is that they can't force their way through any crowds, and if they do so they'll be disqualified. Teaches teamwork and fire movement...kind of.
-Take the team out to a local law enforcement demo and point out some training points they use (handgun peeling, modified prone, SWAT version of handgun outta holster, etc.). It's fun and shows a bit of what they are really trying to simulate.
-Split team into groups of 3 and give them ten minutes to plan a route to <store here> via compass and map. They are only allowed to walk. Teaches teamwork, map skills, terrain movement, and at the same time shows their physical capabilities.

Granted, these won't work with 200 people; I'm just giving examples of becoming creative with the camp. I don't know about you guys, but my team got sick and tired of bootcamp-style physical training ages ago.

If the cirriculum (sp) and price is not changed, most likely what will happen is:
-noobs will decide it's too expensive
-pros won't want to have to respend money on gear they already have for stuff they can learn for cheap as free locally
-people will think it's a training facility for extremists....j/k. too much discovery channel for me...

Could you give us a general list of what the $600 covers? It doesn't have to be to the cent, just enough so we can be like "yeah...spend less on that".

Kiddepue: just a guess, but I bet he's going to give out MPEGs.

--- End quote ---

I'd have to agree with you. The camp can't be too much like a bootcamp, if I wanted to participate in military drills, I'd join ROTC at my school (which I didn't and don't count on joining ROTC).

Keep it airsoft, have games (if you want make them unique), lower the price, think about everything else and make sure it doesn't sound like something that people would get bored of and want to leave. I can get bored of airsoft easily; just buy posting this, it gets annoying when it's all you think about. So make the camp interesting, but don't make it too military like. Just think about it, if it's too military like, then why won't the participants just go join the military? I wouldn't want to go to a camp if alot of it were about military drills and things of that nature. If I had that much of an interset in the military, like I said I'd join ROTC or the military down the road, so I'd actually be getting something out of my hard work and time, I wouldn't want to waste hard military work on something that won't have a value in my life called an "airsoft camp" filled with military and non-airsoft related drills, lets be realistic here. If someone wanted to be into a military camp, they'd not waste their time and go to the real thing.  

All in all, I hope people show up for it, I hope they like it and don't regreat it, and I wish you the best because it will be tough to make happen.


Yay there are huricanes, but back-up power is a given, and really they are bad thunderstorms for the most part. 500 for 5 days non sleep over? serious? Wow I am good at 700 for a week. The physical stuff will be in the mornings followed with a small game session folloed with actual education, different classes on the different things I'v mentioned before. There are more activities and games to play than we can fit in a 2 week period. Especially if we have a full 2 day game at the start and the end. It almost sounds like too much. Keep it up guys.

Just reading this last page over makes me more and more apprehensive (sp?) to go.  I mean, I do want to join up in the military, but I don't want to pay $100 a day to march around, and play a game of airsoft.  For half that much I could get 20 kids to come upnorth and find some property, pay to use it for a week, and have a ton of fun, for a lot less money.  I think you had a great idea, but are taking it in the wrong direction.


I work at a field in California that has airsoft insurance, just wondering if you had worked yours out yet?  good luck bro I hope this comes together for you like you hope.  It sounds like a great idea.

I think excercise should be a big part of your camp.  If kids come home in better shape then they left it will go a long way with the parents, and the campers will likely moan a bit about it but look back on it as a deffining moment.  Ropes courses, climbing, map navigation, etc are all things that give good exercise yet arent 'marching' and take the particepents mind off of the leg work.

The field I work at is Sequoia Airsoft, run by Combat Enterprises (  I don't know for sure, but suspect you might be able to contact them if you want to discuss the insurance they use.  Not sure if they are free with that info though.  I hope I dont get in trouble for mentioning it.  But I thought maybe it would help you to be in contact with someone who has gone through the hassle of getting insurance for airsoft events.

Once again good luck.

Sgt. Luigi:
I would go! But then again, I live in the South West, so nevermind.


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