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KWA Glock 18
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Description: Review: KWA Glock 18C
Author: MrPapadapolis
Published: 2-7-2007

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Well here it is the Glock 18c a unique handgun in many ways: beauty of a beast, capable of full auto, and compact enough to fit in a pocket. It is a Pocket-sized Jackhammer I like to say.

The select-fire version of the Glock, called Glock 18, available only in 9mm Luger and only for Military / Law enforcement sales. Glock 18 could fire single shots or three-shot bursts. Glock 18 may be equipped with 31-rounds extended magazines and after-market folding stocks. For security reasons, some parts of the Glock 18 ARE NOT interchangeable with Glock 17/19 pistols. The theoretical rate of fire in full-auto mode is 1200 rounds per minute. (Info from http://world.guns.ru/handguns/hg15-e.htm)
The Glock18c is a version of the G18 with a compensated barrel for recoil reduction, same as the KWA Glock18c. It has 3 safeties on the gun including the unique trigger safety. The Glock18c weighs an amazing 20.78 oz. unloaded, due to its durable, lightweight polymer frame. Made to with stand the worst conditions and severe beatings, this thing is no toy. Will practically never jam in the heat of battle, and Special force police men all over the world trust it with their lives. The Glock18c can be shot underwater because of its lightweight design, and not many modern pistols can do that without failing. Lightweight, rugged, reliable, simple, and powerful can sum up what the Glock18c is all about.

First Impressions: The looks were not stunning at first, probably because I got them used, but after I spent money on new slides and new barrels they looked amazing! The KWA has no trademarks which isn't a huge deal for me but it would be nice. The slide shakes a little bit on the receiver, but I have shot a real Glock 17 and it has the same symptom, I guess for a smooth cycle. No trademarks since it’s a KWA, but it does have a small id plate under the frame. They actually are heavier than a Glock 17 (heavier is better) mainly because the KWA's mag is made from some type of thick, heavy alloy while the real steel Glocks mag is made of some durable polymer. The mags are tanks, they really feel like steel but are some type of alloy or thick grade "A" aluminum. Dropped the mag on my toe once.... I was crying for about 2 hours...lol. Also the mag wobbles in the magport, a big pet peeve of mine, but once it's in it is pretty secure. But first impressions were very good, I was defiantly pleased.


The Glock 18c has a very good heft, and with the mag in it is a tank. The selector switch is sometimes a hassle, you have to push in to switch it sometimes, but most of the time it is very smooth. If you ever get a Glock you MUST get Hogue grips "they feel like sex in your hands"- iceman718...lol whatever that means. The external metal parts are pretty much the same as the real Glock: slide, barrel, pins, blowback chamber, id plate, and selector switch. There is a lot more internal metal parts, which I am not going to list.... . Hogue grips not only make the grip feel sensational they make it look ten times beastie. The recoil on the Glock 18c with the standard recoil spring is only suitable, that’s why I got the hurricane upgrade kit for each of my Glocks and the recoil now is where it gets its name the Pocket-sized Jackhammer. The recoil is really one of the best, it is so solid and smooth. On full auto it feels like a jackhammer ramming back and forth 1100 times a minute. One of the best feelings is shooting Two KWA Glock 18c's on full auto cycling over and over at 1100 rpm, it is a blast and my friends always want to waste my gas that way. Also the receiver is very nicely textured like the real steel. I'm not sure what the real steel's receiver is made from, probably, dense polymer but I know the KWA's Glock receiver is a lot more solid, because when I shot the real Glock 17 I could squeeze the sides of the mag port together and I can't do that with this Glock.

Kick-ass is all I can say! With the polished barrel and polished blowback chamber it looks stylish and hardcore. I used Steel wool to polish the slides and god it made a huge mess, but they look great, but I wish I could get my hands on some really high grit sandpaper to make the barrel and blowback block chrome shiny. The slide is a nice flat black (painted by me!) and I'm trying to keep it that way, damned silicone lube. Also about the Hogue grips, they look amazing on the Glock, so if you get the Glock please get the Hogue grips. The c in Glock 18c isn't there just to look cool it also stands for it has a compensated barrel. The compensated barrel is a great touch, it looks great and is very realistic all around. I don't have the trigger safety, it doesn't come standard with KWA Glocks and besides and don't like the way they look and work, so not a big loss for me. The id plate is on the bottom of the receiver, where they all are. The id plate reads: CQB911US, which I'm guessing is exactly the same on all the KWA Glock 18c's. I almost forgot about the extended mags, they are the best, they make the gun look so tactical. The extended mags are pretty much a expensive need. The Glock 18c looks good at first but with minor add-ons it will be the sexiest pistol ever.

The performance has some pros and cons. The pros are stock Glock 18's shoot about 900rpm on a hot day, mine shoots over 1000rpm any day because of lighter blowback chambers, and stronger recoil springs. The recoil is also incredible, my hand shakes out of control whenever I fire it on full auto and it has a nice solid bang as the slide cycles over and over. The clacking of the gun is also one of the best I have heard, compared to my friends HFC M190 it is pretty close. The sights are very accurate and the rear sight is adjustable. The sights are dotted with white so you can line up your shot faster. The slide catch is very reliable and very tough. Fps is around 300 which is usual and pretty good. Gas consumption is normal, about 2 mags on one full fill of propane with standard mags, with extended its 1 1/2 mags, so it's pretty decent. The greatest thing about this gun is you can upgrade almost every nook and cranny in this gun, totally upgradeable. One of the cons is the accuracy. Accuracy is not too great, but once you master the hop up adjuster you will have pretty good groupings. On full auto it’s a lot worse, I still can hit people I just have spray and pray (brings me back to paintball). Another con is the selector switch is sometimes a little tricky, you have to have the slide in the back position to select the fire when it is not cocked and on safety, kind of hard to explain too. Full auto isn't very reliable either, the selector switch sometimes gets bumped out of place and it stops firing, but recently it has been shooting fine and no problems, just don't be surprised if it happens, but semi auto is always reliable for me. Another problem is the mag. I just started to notice the rear sight has a tendency to slide off during a game and you will lose it, like I did once. Always keep the incredibly small hex screw, under the rear sight, screwed in tightly and a little Lock-Tite never hurts and the screw that keeps the blowback chamber on the slide, keep that in tight too and put a little Lock-Tite on the threads. If you like holding you hand under the mag while shooting forget about it because if you do it will have trouble cycling since your putting resistance on the blowback there fore slowing it down (not a problem for me cause I don't do that). The Glock 18c has a overall good performance, its main job is a stunner not a performer.

Maintenance :
The girls are pretty high maintenance but they aren't like the KWA Mac 11. I usually can go a couple games without lubing them until they show major problems like blowback and cycling problems. The Glock 18c strips like a real Glock so no worry. All you have to do is cock it in safety, pull down the slide catch levers (little notches on each sides of the receiver) and slowly slide it off the receiver forward and just take out the spring guide and barrel. I usually strip them to the bare bone and clean them with a little soap and water then lube them very little. A tooth brush is a good thing to use to clean them. I only use soap on the pure metal parts like the slide, barrel, blowback chamber, spring guide, and also I scrub the inside of the receiver(mag port, hammer assembly, and trigger assembly) with soap and water. Once they are clean they have no grease or dirt on them so I try to use the least amount of lube on them. The main part to lube is the o ring in the blowback chamber that the plastic piston slides over. Also lube the spring guide, especially if its metal, running a little lube down the rail where the slide slides on the receiver is a good idea to keep it cycling smooth. Also I recommend you put the removable Lock-Tite on the threads of the blowback chamber screw, and put Lock-Tite on the really small hex screw under the rear sight. Once that is done you want have problems with the screws coming out and you can still take the screws out whenever you want to. There is a million spare parts to buy for this gun so does it really matter if you abuse her.... but who would want to pay 20 bucks to ship a 3 dollar spare part...NO ONE! Remember if you treat her right she will reward you.

Disassembly Video Guide:

Problem Pictures:
See where the mag cracked that is because when the bb loading spring is compressed and you hit the button(at the bottom of the mag) and it pops up (just like the arrow) and it hits that little part circled in the pic very hard and over time it will crack and soon break(like mine), so instead of pressing the button, just slowly and easily guide it with your fingers to the top and that will prevent this.

*Intense recoil
*Stylish Look
*300 FPS with Propane
*Upgradeable beyond belief
*Capable of over 1000rpm
*Select fire system
*Very realistic design
*Adjustable hop up
*Lots of metal
*Good heft
*Very Reliable Selective fire GBB
*Millions of Spare Parts

*Blowback problems (if not lubed correctly)
*Selector switch
*No Trademarks
*Screws come loose
*Rear sight slides off easy
*Slide shakes
*Full auto not totally reliable
*Mag will break over time

*Hurricane Glock 18c Upgrade kits(high-low valve, stronger recoil spring, metal spring guide, and upgraded hammer spring)
*Polished Barrels and Blowback chambers
*6.05mm Tight bore barrels
*Lighter Blowback chambers
*Firefly rocket valves
*Hogue grips
*Extended mags
*4 extra standard mags
*Customized silencer adaptor
*Cheap Metal silencer
*Real Steel Fobus Double Glock mag pouch
*UTG Double shoulder holster
*UTG Drop leg holster(best holster you can get for 9.99)

Upgrade ideas:
*Nice silencers on both Glocks
*Laser sights

This is a great beginner Full auto GBB since it is easy to use, low maintenance, and many spare parts available to buy. It is a CQB king, so I do not recommend this for anything but Close quarters! The upgrade potential for this weapon is enormous and it is compatible with MOST real steel accessories(Fobus mag pouch). Any super upgrader or collector would adore this replica and any beginner wouldn't regret it.

*Iceman718 - His Glocks were my inspiration and he gave me a bunch of stuff I needed for the Glocks and the quote! Thanks Iceman, you’re the best!

*Edward Victory - He traded me my Mac 11 for his Glock and a bunch of other stuff like a pen. Lol Thanks Edward!

*Some really cool guy, I forgot his name, but he sold me his Glock and a lot of needed material! Thanks Somebody

*And myself for working on my Glocks non-stop.

I hoped you liked it and I brought back the white sheet in the pictures from the Mac 11 review since everyone like the pictures so much!

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