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KWC/UHC Colt Gold Cup vs. Colt M1911A1
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1 41457 Sat February 26, 2011
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Description: First off, this is both a review AND a comparisson. I bought both pistols in the event that one is failing as a skirmisher and can be made a showpiece instead. HOWEVER, both pistols were looked at equally when the shoot-out began, so I don't want to hear any accusations of me being slanted. Anyhoo...

KWC Heavyweight/Hop-up Colt Gold Cup Delta Elite spring pistol
Purchased at ShortyUSA.com
Price: $37.97 (after shipping costs from store location to Houston, TX)
Caliber: 6x22mm
Ammunition weight: .2g
Ammunition capacity: 12rds
Weight: .8lbs
Length: 8.5in
Maximum effective range/muzzle velocity (as stated by ShortyUSA.com): 90-100ft @ 240fps

UHC Heavyweight Colt M1911A1 spring pistol
Purchased at ShortyUSA.com
Price: $27.97 (after shipping costs from store location to Houston, TX)
Caliber: 6x22mm
Ammunition weight: .12g or .2g (Hop-up optimized for .12g)
Ammunition capacity: 22rds
Weight: 1.25lbs
Length: 8.5in
Maximum effective range/muzzle velocity (as stated by ShortyUSA.com): range not stated, but muzzle velocity stated as 240fps w/.12g ammo

John Browning developed the original 1911 for Colt way back when, and the pistol was soon adopted by the US Army as the M1911. In 1927, the Army requested a series of modifications be made to the existing design, and the M1911A1 became the successor which served as the sidearm of choice for soldiers, airmen, sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen alike until 1985 when the Beretta 92FS replaced it as the M9. Even today, the M1911A1 has found its way back into the holsters of our servicemen and women who know a good thing when they see it. For years the Marines have used the M1911A1 as the standard sidearm for their Force Reconnaisance teams using the HK MP-5 Navy CQB weapon. Even today a M1911A1 has been adopted for their new USMCSOCom unit as their standard sidearm regardless of the main weapon used.

The Colt Gold Cup was initially a .45ACP pistol, until the birth of the 10mm AUTO in 1983. Colt became the second company to manufacture a 10mm AUTO chambered pistol with the Delta Elite, a M1911A1-framed pistol that was highly reinforced in all the major high stress areas to handle the powerful new cartridge. It wouldn't be long before the Gold Cup Delta Elite came along, taking advantage of the 10mm AUTO's extremely stable flight trajectory for competition shooting. The 10mm's initial fall came from the FBI's less physically adept personnel being able to handle the 10mm's intense recoil. The .45ACP's superior wouldn't make a comeback until the early 2000s, but has always been a favorite of those who had used it and witnessed its true capabilities as both a fine target shooter and potent hunting and combat round. Unfortunately, Colt Gold Cup Delta Elites are not so common these days, and only available used rather than new.

KWC's Hop-up equipped series, the KA-10s, also happen to be a unique "heavyweight" series, sporting weights in the grip panels of most of their pistols. Two of these I have experienced have been the Sig Sauer P226 (introduced by Cybergun after their acquisition of the Sig Sauer license), and now the Colt Gold Cup Delta Elite. KWC's pistols have a long reputation for being solid shooters and solidly built. Their use of .2g ammo as a standard makes them attactive to experienced airsofters who use .2g rather than .12g ammo optimized in UHC's pistols.

First Impressions:
The UPS Man brought the package on time, and I was quick to break out my talon-style folding knife to get it open and to the contents that awaited me. One KWC HWHU Colt Gold Cup Delta Elite, one UHC HW Colt M1911A1, and 2 spare magazines for the UHC. I first examined the UHC, impressed with the weight and balance, as well as the finish and lack of trades PERIOD. Not having a "Made in Taiwan" makes up for a lack of any trademarks on the pistol. A former owner of UHC's original M1911A1, I can say this is a dramatic improvement. Next came the KWC Gold Cup. Right off the bat, I was taken by surprise with the finish. It's nearly identical to the stainless finish on the UG IMI/MR Desert Eagle .50AE. I expected a much brighter and gaudier finish, but am quite impressed with this one. While lighter than the UHC pistol, much lighter, it still has about the same heft as my P226. Further investigation would later reveal grip panel weights are present in this pistol. I cocked each to get a feel for the action, and found the UHC's slide pull to be typical UHC with mechanical clicks and such, but still smooth. The KWC was different though. Its slide pull is much harder, made slightly more difficult with less aggressive serrations on its slide. Also, the guide spring is very stiff, which is good aesthetically, since it's replicating a 10mm AUTO pistol. It's safer to cock this pistol crossways, rather than straight back with the muzzle forward.

Both are nearly identical proportionally, with the grip panels on the KWC's being a little wider. Both sink into my holsters quite deep, which is a bit of a pain. Both field strip the same as well, with the KWC being easier to do so, as the UHC's takedown lever (the slide release) being VERY tighly secured. The KWC lacks the UHC's grip safety, but both have a functional thumb engaged slide safety. The KWC's wins here with a mechanism that clicks audibly with each flick of the safety. A word of caution though: this mechanism, while very nifty and useful, is placed quite haphazzardly in the respect that if you take the grip panels off, then this whole assembly will fly apart. The housing is not secured by anything other than the grip panel, and the spring sitting behind the small metal rod that makes the clicking noise against the safety lever will fly loose if this housing is not secured. This whole assembly is quite tricky to get back together, so I wouldn't reccommend trying to epoxy it down unless you're VERY dexterous.

The sights on the KWC are better than the UHC's, since it is based on a match shooting pistol rather than a WWII-era combat pistol. The front blade sight is high profile with a red line highlight, while the rear sights are black mock adjustable match sights. Here's what's cool though, they appear to be removable. I haven't tried to yet, since my mishap with the safety click assembly, but I wouldn't doubt that aftermarket sights could go there. One thing though is the mock match rear sight is secured by a small screw. Whether or not other aftermarket sights will match this is unknown to me at the moment, but this prospect is promissing for me in the modding department. Also noteworthy is the top of the KWC's slide, being flat as opposed to rounded on the UHC. I've always liked this style on the M1911A1's slide over the rounded top.

Here's something else that the UHC has over the KWC: metal externals. Well, a few anyways. The UHC has a metal trigger and guide spring cap. The KWC has instead a plastic mock adjustable match trigger, which looks quite nice though compared to the simple M1911A1 trigger on the UHC. The UHC's magazines are also full sized higher capacity magazines, as opposed to the KWC's 12 round speedloaders. At least neither one uses the horrid stick mags of old. The KWC's magazine seems to retain ammo better than the P226 mags, even after the leader spring has been released. One thing about both magazines though is their small size compared to double stackers. They almost get lost in my pistol mag pouches! UHC's M1911A1 also sports an open ejection port, while the KWC's is not, but the finish on the ejection port cover is spectacular. Nearly convincing to me to be metal. Lastly are their hammers. While both spur-type hammers, which are to my liking, the UHC's has a more audible and firmer click over the KWC's.

The Shoot-Out!:
I don't know why, but it seems like almost everytime I want to go outside to do something, the useless wind is blowing. I hate the wind. So yes, these results are mucked up by the wind, and someday you can expect a perfect, windless match between these two.

I really had to improvise with a target set-up on this one guys and girls. Normally, I'm used to shooting into metal traps set on top of caster-equipped garbage cans (think the ones you'd see at a mall food court) from 33ft. Today, I knew that was out of the question, both because of the wind and because a pistol engagement will be closer than a rifle engagement, especially in airsoft. I shot from 25ft and 15ft instead from a standing, two-handed stance typical in combat shooting. I'm left-eye dominant, which made this test all that much easier on me. As with all my accuracy shooting tests done in reviews, each pistol was fired three times at each range using .2g ammo for equality's sake. The results were surprising to say the least.

KWC pistols are known to have heavilly overlubed Hop-up, which won't go away until after around 100 rounds are shot though the things, and even then people have encountered pistols which don't seem to have this problem go away. I must say, this pistol was a straight shooter, even in the wind. The first 2 shots from 25' were rather erroneous, even for me *slaps self*, but the last one was in the black, so I was happy. At 15', 2 struck the same point in the black and one was low. Thumbs up KWC, for now.

The UHC's results were very disappointing though. Every shot at 25' shot high, WAY high. I could tell it was overhopping, and with all things, .2g ammo! I was positive I had the sighting picture perfect, even with the shorter sights and trigger, but this was rediculous. 15' wasn't any better. Only two shots struck the target, with only one being a perfect impact (the other ripped the target instead of making a clean hole). Why this happened, I have no clue. I have heard of UHCs overhopping .12g ammo, but .2g? Maybe this would happen in a UHC HK MP-5SD3, but this pistol is .12g optimized, like all UHC pistols. I may consider trying again later with .12g ammo instead, but for now, the UHC was the loser in the accuracy portion of the Shoot-Out.

I decided to do a power test between the two, since ShortyUSA.com proudly proclaimed the KWC pistol to be quite a powerful weapon compared to its peers. Coke can chrono, as with my last improvised power test. The KWC was up to bat first, and once again, shocked me. Not only did it penetrate through the can (a horizontal rip as opposed to a hole), but it left a small dimple on the other side of the can before stopping. Impressive to say the least, and something to keep in mind when lining someone up in its sights. I know which weapon I'm NOT loaning out. The UHC on the other hand was only able to put the usual dent in the can, and not a pictureworthy one at that. I did have to get a pic of the KWC's potency, so get an eyefull below.

Well, the Great KWC HWHU Colt Gold Cup Delta Elite vs UHC HW Colt M1911A1 Shoot-Out ended in a slight victory for the KWC entry in my eyes. For the price, the UHC pistol is a fine addition to your arsenal, being an economy version of the revered Tokyo Mauri HGHU Colt Government M1911A1. The KWC HWHU Colt Gold Cup Delta Elite is not just stylish and unique, but also quite an effective performer when put to the test. A better accuracy test will be needed to make my stance on this final. Whether or not I will go forward with my plans to make some modifications to the KWC pistol into my ideal MEU(SOC) pistol (a 10mm AUTO of course!) is to be seen, but the can of Krylon ultra-flat black is ready when I am. For now, I can safely say that either pistol is a great choice, and neither seem to have truly terrible features that require noting here for the time being. Of course, if something pertinent should come up in the future after a skirmish or two, then I'll amend this review to reflect on that.

[update] The KWC HWHU Colt Gold Cup suffered a fatal inner slide partition fracture that resulted in a non-functional pistol. This fracture is similar, if not identical, to one described by Sir N. Powers, another ASR member who noted a similar flaw in the slides of KWC/Cybergun Tanfoglio Witness M1911A1s.

So, in the end, the UHC won this duel by surviving the longest. [/update]


10mm AUTO and .45ACP aren't so different in bore diameter, but the 10mm is a harder hitter by far.

See, we all look alike on the inside...

The KWC mag needs a snack, now.
Posts: 2,046
Registered: October 2004
Location: Vista, CA


Registered: October 2006
Location: knoxville, tn
Posts: 168
Review Date: Fri November 24, 2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $23.00 | Rating: 9 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): realistic feeling, heavy even without mag, efficency range 50'-75'
Cons: the maual sight on the end of the pistol is small making it difficult to aim during night games

I have a KWC Delta 1911, it was my first airsoft gun and it has worked extremely well. I have not had any problems with it except that the mag I got with the gun, the slide that pushes BBs up into the gun wouldn't lock at the bottom of the mag, but I bought more mags from Airsoft Knoxville to fix that. Night games can be tricky because the sight on the end of the gun is small and hard to see at night. One feaure I discovered (It could just be my gun) was I can cock the gun twice and shoot 2 bbs at once. (You loose range but if the enemy closes in it can be helpful) If you cock it any more a bb rolls out the end of the barell. Overall a great gun and I would recommend it to anyone.
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