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Real Sword Type 56-1

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Real Sword Type 56-1
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Description: Real Sword International
Replica of China Assault Rifle type 56-1
RS Type 56-1 China Assault Rifle AEG


Basic Information:
I had the opportunity through a friend to review this new product from Real Sword International. I was pretty pumped about doing my first review. While not an airsoft fanatic, I have experience doing other product reviews, have played several OPs and own a couple of AEGs. I enlisted the help from a good friend with more airsoft experience to assist in the testing for the review. The packaging seemed pretty standard for AEGs, long cardboard box with the type and brand of gun covering half the box and the other half with an image of the gun.


Inside there was a decent amount of foam padding protecting the gun, and accessories. The gun came with a steel magazine (150 round), red muzzle required for import, and a protective cap, tube style loader, a steel muzzle adapter (12mm to 14mm anticlockwise), some maintenance tools (field kit and a sight adjusting wrench*), an empty plastic oil bottle that you can store some oil in, an instruction manual and a disassembly and maintenance instruction sheet.


Product Description/first Impressions:
My first thought once I got the box was 'dang, this thing is heavy!'. I was quite excited to review a AEG with solid steel components. Now I have never held a real AK-47 or a Chinese 56-1 in real life, but once I opened the box, I could not imagine the real steel differing much from this AEG. From the solid wood that they used in the grips and the oxidized steel that they used for the reciever, outerbarrel and rest of the gun, you got a sense of a solid gun. So I went out to try and find out a little bit more about the real steel vs. this AEG. I found some nice specs on the www.realsword.com.hk website (which has some great photos of the gun assembled and disassembled, and instructions on field maintenance).

Type 56-1 7.62mm assault rifle specificationsType 56-1 6mm AEG specification
NameType 56-1 7.62mm assault rifleType 56-1 6mm AEG
Overall length874mm(stock extended)
645mm(stock retracted)
874mm(stock extended)
645mm(stock retracted)
Overall weight3.7kg(with unloaded magazine)3.4kg
Caliber7.62X39mm6mm BB bullet
Cartridge30 Rounds150rds or 500rds BB magazine
[information gathered from realsword.com.hk website]

As you can see from the specifications, the gun while hefty(7.5lbs) is a little bit lighter (about 0.6lbs) than the real assault rifle (8.15lbs). After holding the gun for a little bit, and examining it, it became apparent pretty quickly that if this were to be used in an operation or skirmish, a sling would probably be necessary to help offset the weight with a gun sling. The overall dimensions of this gun seem to match the real assault rifle. With the exception of the wood pistol grip and the end of the muzzle, everything seems to look identical (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:ChineseType56AssltRifle.jpg) - left image. The gun feels well weighted with a center of gravity just in front of the trigger guard when the solid steel foldable stock is folded out.

The pistol grip and the forward grip are both made out of solid wood, and have a nice finish/varnish to them. The gun actually looks nice enough with the wood to have it as a display piece rather than using it in battle. The wood on both grips seem to be well matched and finished, although from the picture of a real 56-1, it appears that the pistol grip has a slightly different shape. I don't know how I would rate the size of my hands other than average, as I have seen smaller and larger, but the gun fits comfortably in my hands. While Andre the Giant would have trouble holding the pistol grip as there is only about 3.5" of room for your fingers from the trigger guard to the end of the grip.

The gun has a folding stock that mimics the real guns function. It is made out of solid steel and has a good feel against your shoulder when shooting. The only issue I had with the stock was the release button seemed a little temperamental, but was no kind of show stopper. The foldable stock also gives you little bit of adjustment with the shoulder plate being able to tilt back and forth to get a good firm contact with your shoulder.

The gun has a front and rear sight which are both adjustable, the front sight adjustable using the sight wrench included with the the gun. The rear sight is made up of a sight base, adjustable rear sight and reed(?) which is used to adjust the rear height quickly. The sights were made to be identical to the real 56-1.
The gun has an outer solid steel single piece barrel with a brass inner barrel with attached hop-up. The gun has no flash suppressor, but comes with a 12mm-14mm adapter for muzzle mounted accessories such as silencers.

The steel trigger is positioned well, and while pulling back on the trigger gives good consistent resistance. This is not a hair trigger by any means, and has to be pulled back all the way for firing. The pull on the trigger is more than my M4 Marui, but certainly feels like a solid trigger. It gives a feeling that there is some power to be unleashed when pulled back.

This gun is an AEG powered by a stick pack 8.4V battery pack (not included) which fits under the steel frame cover and upper wood hand guard. To make sure the gearbox and motor fit into a 100% real size frame, Real Sword made a new 7mm bearing metal gearbox containing high strength gears, air seal nozzle and spring release. While it might look a little similar, it is certainly not your typical AK gearbox.
[sub]image from www.realsword.com.hk[/sub]


The package comes with a 150 round AK magazine that should be compatible with most AK AEGs. There is also a 500 round manual feed (winding wheel) magazine available from the Real Sword. I don't have any additional AK magazines, but after some research on the website, most AK magazines should be compatible with this gun, and the magazine with other AK guns.

While loading the magazine I noticed two things, the tube loader they gave us came w/ a straw to push the BBs into the magazine, this worked for the first 2 loads, then it started bending, and sucking BBs into the straw. Once I was done with the hands on portion of the review, I unloaded the BBs from the magazine, and noticed that there were some in the magazine that were not coming out when depressing the spring release. After closer inspection there were two BB stuck side by side. I gave it a firm tap on the palm of my hand, and the BBs became dislodged. I tried to reload several more times without reproducing the issue so it could be a fluke, but I thought to mention it.


Real Steel History:

The real steel Type 56-1 is made in China, a copy of the Russian AKS-47, the only noticeable difference in the two is that the Type 56-1 has a fully enclosed hooded front sight while the AKS-47 has a partially open one and the steel that is used to form the receiver is thinner on the Type 56-1 to reduce cost, but at the expense of durability. I mentioned before, the only noticeable difference in the AEG to the real steal version is the wooden pistol grip seems to have a slightly different shape and the weight is slightly less in the AEG. From the matched wood grain, to the solid steel construction, to the details they have included in the gun, I think Real Sword have done a phenomenal job making the AEG.

Performance Characteristics:
The gun functioned for the most part the way it should, I had some issues initially with double feeding, but after playing around with the magazine for a minute it seemed to clear it up a bit, but still occasionally double fed BBs. The gun was chronoed with both .20g and .25g, both with hop-up off and hop-up on (adjusted for straight trajectory with slight drift from wind).


As you can see the the speed of the BB drops about 9ft/s going from the .20g to the .25g. The bigger noticeable difference is in the hop-up setting. I was never able to get the hop-up adjusted where it was putting the right amount of spin on the BB, without sacrificing the fps. I was unable to see if there was anything wrong with this hop-up, but it consistently shot 125ft/s slower with the hop-up engaged where it had a straight path. If I have the opportunity to retest this again after the review is published, I will add an addendum.


The target tests were as follows 10 rounds from 10', 10 rounds from 30' and full auto from 30'. The initial 5 shots were low (from 10'). After adjusting the front sight, the target was dialed in and the results are below.


As you can see there were two distinct clusters of shots, the first 5 low but nicely clustered. The next 5 after sight adjustment were about the right height but a little left. Although a little less clustered, it seemed pretty accurate.

At 30' my photo did not turn out correctly for the first 10 shots, but on full auto they were so tightly grouped, I decided to just post that one.


Anything more than about 25-30 yards on this gun would seem to be outside the effective range due to slow speed because of too much hop-up or not enough spin due to no hop-up.

In stock format, this gun would make a much better showpiece than a duty weapon. There is so much attention to detail, I would almost feel guilty carrying this around the field. Unless it was a one-off issue with the hop-up, that is about the only area that could be improved for a stock gun. The performance was pretty good considering it was stock.

According to the Real Sword website, they have additional pistons, Tappet Plates, Air Seal Nozzles, Steel Gears, and Anti-reverse latches that are available for the gun. In addition you can get additional 150 round magazines, 500 round magazines, a new AK-47S all steel folding stock kit. One thing that I was not able to review, but certainly would be a good accessory for this gun is a Gun Sling. They make one specifically for this replica.

Pros :

    [li]Detailing on the gun, all the way down to location of rivets is remarkable. (Good enough for a wall display!)[/li]
    [li]Solid gun, made of steel and wood. [/li]
    [li]Almost everything fit snug, and was well assembled.[/li]
    [li]Comfortable to hold, easy to shoot.[/li]
    [li]Good FPS for stock gun with hop-up off.[/li]
    [li]Consistent shooting spread. [/li]
    [li]Great wealth of information on manufacturers website.[/li]

Cons :

    [li]Tube style loader comes with plastic straw, needs something solid.[/li]
    [li]Huge performance hit with hop-up engaged.[/li]
    [li]No batteries in the kit.[/li]
    [li]Effective range seems on low end.[/li]
    [li]When pulling back on the steel charging handle to gain access to the hop-up, the handle felt somewhat loose.[/li]

I would certainly recommend the gun to someone who was looking for a collectible, as I feel this is how I would probably keep the gun. I might go so far as to use it as a backup AEG in an OP, maybe to add some authenticity by slinging it over my back. With the exception of the hop-up causing some very slow ft/s numbers, this gun seems to have mimicked the real steel down to the rivets, size, weight and would be a perfect addition to anyones collection. If I can figure out what is causing the Hop-up issue; I will append to this review, and update my thoughts.

End Notes:

*The sight adjustment wrench included in my package appear to be an additional product for purchase, and not included with the factory box. (This is according to the manual and that the wrench is advertised as an accessory on the website). Did I mention the details? If you did not seem my emphasis on the detail on this gun, take a look at the close ups at the end of this article.

www.realsword.com.hk has a great website along with a clip of their gun firing at some targets. Here is one of them.

I would like to thank "Dune" in the testing of this gun, and providing some guidance along the way. Primary resources for additional technical information were gathered from the following sources. www.realsword.com.hk, www.wikipedia.com, and the instruction manual.

Chris "Chrispix" Pick. Testing done 3/23/08, review written on 3/27/08.

http://www.chrispix.com/asr/safety copy.jpg
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