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UTG AK47 Warhawk
Reviews Views Date of last review
5 75937 Mon August 6, 2007
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80% of reviewers $125.00 7.6


Well, there has been quite a bit of back and forth discussion on Leapers new AEG the UTG AK47LE WARHAWK. Some people have been pleasantly surprised by the quality and good looks of the gun, while others have been disgusted by poor build and quality control. Frankly, I was quite worried that I had dropped my $139.99 down a hole, but when my UTG AK arrived in the mail this afternoon, I was relieved to see that while it has a few problems, it isn't as bad as some people claim.

This review will be mostly pictures of my initial disassembly and piston upgrade. I will follow the more or less accepted convention of breaking down the review into the following catagories.

1. Ordering
2. First Impressions
3. Gun size and feel
4. Internals
5. Performance
6. Overall

I ordered the gun online from Evike.com, cost $139.99, with free UPS ground shipping. Total shipping time was 8 days, Thursday Jan. 5th to Friday Jan. 13th. Package contained the AEG, 600 Mah 9v charger, two 600 round high cap mags, 8.4v 1200 MaH large style battery, speed loader, cleaning rod, and UTG 3pt TAC sling. Evike threw in a small bag of 1000 Matrix .2 gram BB's.

2: First Impressions
The gun, with the tri rail removed.

Well, I found all the things others have reported...

The infamous split stock. I was a bit dismayed that the first thing I noticed was that the stock wasn't glued together. Not to worry, I just squeezed the stock, and it popped into place with just a normal seam line.

The bluing on some of the metal parts didn't seem to take very well, resulting in this whitish corrosion. When you rub it off, it reveals bear metal. A bit of Cold Gun Blue or black paint will be needed to cover this up.


A bit more rust. These were the two major places that were bad. There was a bit of rust on the screws on the base of the magazines, but it was easily rubbed off with a bit of oil.


I have heard some bad things about the battery, but have yet to find out for myself how long it will last. The fact that it doesn't say if it is NiCad or NiMH doesn't bode well. I am assumeing that it is NiCad, and discharged it before I put it on the charger.
UTG has thoughtfully included a spare fuse in the fusebox.

The stock battery, fully charged will shoot about one full mag, or 600 rounds, before it is unable to pull the stock spring back to release.

Overall, my first impression was positive. It has a few problems, but nothing that can't be fixed easily.

3. Gun size and feel

The gun has some weight to it. There is quite a bit of metal in the build, so it has a feeling of solidity. There is no wobble or looseness in the pistol grip, stock or hand guards. It feels like it could take some punishment. There is nothing that feels particularly fragile. The mags are plastic, but look good enough, and they seat in the mag well firmly and without any rattle. It is within the normal variance in barrel length and stock size for an AK 47.

The mags seem to fire about 150 or so rounds before it starts noticably missfireing. You will need to keep the mag well wound to get the best performance.

With a good lube, they will be much more reliable. After a thourough Lube and putting a 45 degree chamfer on the inside of the hop up feed tube, my mags are 99% reliable.

4. Internals

The UTG AK47 breaks down pretty much exactly like the Tokyo Marui, with the exception of the butt stock. Here is a very nice guide to dissasembly from Arnies airsoft.

The buttstock attachment. Three rather beefy screws hold the stock to the lower reciever.


The reciever cover is cast metal, and fairly heavy. The blueing on the outside is flawless.


The motor frankly looked like it had been kicked down the ally a few times. It was quite scuffed, but seems to work well.
The wires are soldered to the motor leads, makeing swaping out the motor a bit more of a hassle, but it at least insures a positive connection.


The wireing is of a small gauge, but seems to be of good quality. It reminds me of the wireing in my ICS M4.

The wireing is bad. Real bad. Just like the first generation UTG MP5s, you MUST replace the wireing if you want to upgrade the spring. You SHOULD replace the wireing just so that you get better preformance from your battery and motor. You'll be glad you did.


The Hop up unit is a type I am not familier with, so I didn't take it apart.


The gearbox. It is actually nicer looking than these pictures would make it seem. It's no TM, but the casting is clean, and it fits together well. The motor is an Short style EG 700 clone.


The gears are actually very nice. They appear to be steel, and mesh quite nicely. The plastic parts in the gearbox are of a clear plastic. It seems to be flexible enough, but I still don't trust it. Clear tappet plates go against Nature.[:p]
The shimming is not great, but servicable, and the bearings are nylon.


The piston head is ported, and the O-ring *looks* good, but there was quite a bit of air leakage past it. Replace it right off. The gears on the Piston look a bit rough. They are big and beefy, but they doun't look smooth.


Suprisingly good compression around my cylinder head and air nozzle. The brass tube actually looks like it was lathe turned, and measured only .001 smaller than the inside diameter of the air nozzle.


The gears look good, but I was pleased to see that the Bevel gear has four notches for the anti-reversal latch, rather than the standard two.

5. Performance

Not bad. About the same FPS as a stock UTG MP5, around the 250 mark based on the Poor mans chrono. Rate of fire is good with a well-charged battery, but nothing particularly noteworthy. Hop up is strong with a .20-gram bb, but doesn't seem to zero out. I still get a bit of hop with the hop up lever set to minimum. I was pleasantly surprise by the accuracy. At 80 feet I was able to hit a 4-inch target often enough that it wasn't random chance. There were some radically off target shots, again I think because I might have a problem with the installation of the hop up.

6. Overall

The UTG AK47 is a fairly solid gun. It shoots okay out of the box, and I personally think it looks good. There are a few problems, but for the most part, they can be fixed easily. It's solid, and the gearbox looks like it can take upgrades well. The version 3 gearbox is said to be stronger than the version 2, and I think it is much easier to work on. The trigger doesn't want to spring across the room while you try to put the box back together. [:)]

The only real limiting factor out of the box is the battery. It works well with the stock spring, but it will not pull an M100 consistently.

7: Upgrades

I re-shimmed and replaced the nylon bearings with steel bearings, and installed an SRC Polycarb piston with ported piston head. This fixed the most obvious air leak. It makes a noticable difference in Fps.


The can on the left is stock, about 240 fps, the one on the right is with a new piston/piston head, about 290.

After a complete re-wiring, the motor and battery will pull an M100 spring with ease. The two cans below were shot with .2 gram BBs from a range of 2 inches. Based on this I'd say Fps is in the 350+ range. On the left hand can, the divot is cracked around 60% of its circumference, and the right hand can shows the exit hole.

I'd have to say to all of you out there that have been waffleing about buying The UTG AK47, don't worry. If you are not afraid of opening the gearbox, it's worth the money. The gearbox is easier to work on than a version 2, and I think it will take upgrades well, as long as you get a quality battery.

I hope you find this review of some help.

Harper out.

Battle report by SgtWilTan

I took mine out for a test run today and surprisingly went through 3 mags worth of BBs. Gotta stop that. No real problems in performance whatsoever besides an unexpected 30-40 FPS drop from advertised( it was overcast so may have affected the readings but it was the same on my Chrono at home).

There was that bit of hop even when I turned down the hop-up dial like Harper65 said but it's easy enough to adjust by Kentucky windage. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to step out the distances to tell accuracy but mine was not anywhere near Harper65s. More like a 3 times the size of his at equivalent distance(bear in ind there was quite a bit of wind ~15-20 almost constantly). Good enough for a man sized target but not good enough for an arm or bit of head sticking over logs ands trees(Hence the accuracy by volume usage out of normal semi shooting pattern for me)

I didn't notice any probs with the mags but that was because I would wind 4-5 times after each engagement or long burst. I didn't use the stock Battery since I forgot it along with another I was going to use at home. I did try to use a 2800Mah large bargain Battery from Jungletoy and it kept acting like it was out of juice. Even after recharging it it acted dead or dying. I'll see if it actually is and retract my statement of how crappy it is if it proves me wrong. A friend lent me his 1700Mah battery and I put all three mags through it I may just buy that off him!!

It is very sturdy as a whole but I'm still not impressed by the externals in comparison to the "Matrix" AK. I will eventually put the guts of the UTG into the Matrix and do without the TM collectable due to the two looks and performance combinations of these 2. I will get another for play with Harper65's upgrades since mine was only in the 230s-240s with the hop-up turned all the way down. Going up against stock TMs, wasn't a problem but a couple ~400 sniper guns made me beat hasty retreats as soon as I saw them sighting in on me. I would be able to get a few bursts on them and skidaddle. It was reported back to me from the sniper that my rounds were pretty much dropping to about30-40FPS by the time they got to his position which was 150Ft and 35-40 in elevation above me. Harpers fix-ups should net me a further 30-40 FPS and with a stronger M100 should get me in the 290-300s range.

Overall, as far as play, it will allow you to go toe to toe with stock TMs, but you'll have to make up in volume what they have over you in superior hop-up arrangements. There was also a ~390-400 .20 G3 there but since we were on the same team, I never got to see how much of a disadvantage the UTG's performance would go against me in that type of mismatch.

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Posts: 394
Registered: September 2005
Location: Olympia Washington

Review Date: Wed April 5, 2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $135.00 | Rating: 8 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Comes with everything except bb's, high metal content, better wood finish than it's marui brother
Cons: not as good as marui, crappy battery life

Alright to get started I'm just gonna say that this is a gun that definetely raises the bar for for chinese guns. For one it comes with everything you need except bb's. 1 gun, 2 hi-cap mags, 1 battery, 1 charger, and 1 UTG 3 point sling. When I first got this gun I took it out of the box and realized how heavy it was. It weighted just under 7 lbs unloaded. This is because of it's high metal content. (including internally) The gun is about 60% - 70% metal. Externally the only plastic is the grips, stock, and body. As for internals, I'm not taking it apart unless I have to. I do know the the gear box and barrel are both metal. After I let the battery charge (2 hours for the 1200 mah battery 3 for the 1800 mah, some websites give you different batteries like shortyusa.com gives you a 1800 mah battery rather than a 1200 mah battery, w/ charger that came it) and took it out. Using crosman .2g bb's and the coke can chrono it was chronoed at 280 - 300 fps. Okay, not bad for a chinese gun. I will say though that accuracy in full auto is fairly good in short bursts of 3 - 5 shots. if you continue to go any longer that it loses range and accuracy. I don't really care cause i typically keep in semi. The ROF is a little slow pumping out around 13 rounds a second. Now the mag is kind of hard to wind because it is kind of pushed far into the mag.

This is an overall good gun for it's price. Boasting in high metal content this gun is great if your low on cash and need a gun to compete against the high grade guns. Although like posted in other reviews, this gun is not good at taking single upgrades, like a new spring or piston, if you want to upgrade it you might as well upgrade the whole gearbox and motor.
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Registered: February 2006
Posts: 96
Review Date: Mon July 10, 2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $130.00 | Rating: 9 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Nice wood finsh, New battery, Good accuracy, Great starter AEG
Cons: Awful mags, Not 100% compattable with Mauri, Weaker screws

Misc info:
The gun is based on the romanian style of AK-47. What does this mean, only that the fire selecter is diffrent from a true Russian Ak-47 in that full auto is at the bottom not the middle and single is in the middle. The included weaver tri-rail is a nice touch. It is hollow so to some extent you can still use the adjustable iron sights. Many people looking to mount a scope will want a authentic mount tho. I rear iron sight is adjustable by moving a slide forward or back and locks in to place when the button is released. The stock will allow a larger battery but there are tabs further in the stock that must be removed (not the tabs the battery rests on)

I would First like to remind everyone that i recieved the new versoin of the gun. Why is this important? The newer package has fixed the split stock and rusted screws. But most important are the things the above reviewers disliked. The wireing is now of much better quality, from about 22awg, to 18awg. Also as important is the new battery, The new one is a larger 1800mah battery from the 1200. A vast improvement.

As they say all good things must come to an end. The gun has a few problems most will be minor for a good amount of people. The biggest is the stock freebee mags need constant winding on single and just refuse to feed on auto. Fix : simple enough buy better mags (recomend Star or Mauri) Next is a big one. The gun is not fully compattable with mauri. Like you cant use the CA metal bodies (going off what I have heard) and the hop-up is diffrent from a TM ak-47 Making it harder but still possible to fit a tight bore barrel. And I know many of you got worried anb out seeing "Weaker screws" in the con Bar. All this means is you must be careful tighting the screws to not strip them. Fix : look at trying to get replacement screws. A small thing I didnt feel being a true con is that a spare fuse is no longer included.

It is a nice starter gun a can be upgraded with aftermarket parts to improve preformance. And includes everything but a discharger to get someone into using an Aeg.
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Potent Poison

Registered: July 2006
Posts: 8
Review Date: Thu August 3, 2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $150.00 | Rating: 6 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): solidity, cheap price, great looks, many metal parts, the gearbox is fully compatible with marui's
Cons: weak internals, bad saughtering of wires, horrible battery life, low FPS, disapointing RPMs

Ok I'll cut the crap and get down ot brass tacks here, the stock gearbox is anything but good, and if it werent for my hours of research of the gearbox, this gun would have been very troublesome as after the first 6 games I went through with it it broke. Now that is my first "beef", the WIRING SUCKS that is probably the most imminent problem I've found so far with this gun... the second was when I opened the gearbox not only was the wiring completely detached, but the cylinder head was extremely cracked and shot out pieces of plastic(i didnt notice this until after the plastic projectiles)when I tried the gearbox with the battery...

anyways I dont not recommend this gun to anyone who has not had experiance with a gearbox, or anyone who is not willing to learn how a gearbox works as this gun is not worth sending in to be fixed in my opinion.

**anyways if anyone has any ideas of where i can get quality aeg wiring please pm me at CHRISISMASTER@GMAIL.COM!
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Registered: August 2006
Location: Western NY
Posts: 95
Review Date: Thu March 15, 2007 Would you recommend the product? No | Price you paid?: $120.00 | Rating: 6 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Accurate, ok FPS, realistic looking wood
Cons: Common gearbox failure, weak externals, bad mags

I have shot this thing, examined it, broken it, and fixed it, I've just been over everything about this gun. Even though I don't technically "own" the gun, ever since it was bought (over 8 months ago) I have had the pleasure of basically keeping the gun for more than 95% of the time. This means that while I didn't pick the weapon, I know enough about the weapon to write a review on it.

1. First Impressions
2. Externals
3. Performance
4. Durability

1. First Impressions
As soon as the FedEx guy pulled away from my house, I tore into the package. Upon opening, I had read all the reviews from other websites and was expecting lots of things. Compared to my R8, it was fairly heavy, but it wasn't really heavy... Just heavy compared to my R8. Immediately, you might want to do a few things:

Tighten the selector switch screw
Lube the gun, because the hopup is a rock if you don't
Lube the mags
Tighten the screws, or at least make sure they aren't loose

Just do those things, and you should be able to use your gun without it blowing up in your face.

Keep in mind, however, that the UTG Warhawk is a rebrand of the Double Eagle M86. Additionally, I got the blue battery, meaning that it is a "version 2", if you will, and a lot of problems with the original are supposidly "resolved".

2. Externals
The externals are fairly nice. The wood is extremely realistic, and the hype that it was better than Marui's is, in my opinion, true. The UTG's wood is darker and more fine, the grain detail is impressive. Marui's is more bright and looks more plasticy.

The metal quality on the reciever cover is decent, but the paint comes off from even slight abrasions, this being any type of scrape or bump you may ever encounter. The stock attatchment is also really weak, and is actually very thin. It has some funky stock attatchment that is completely different from TM's, and I can conclude that much pressure on this will probably start to do some damage there over time.

3. Performance
The performance of this gun is more than people like to give it credit for. It shot through one side of a coke can and put a dent in the other, about 280 FPS. The accuracy is actually pretty good.

At 30 yards, the groupings are suprising for this weapon. I would say maybe 3", which many might say is not possible, but I can say that it is. You can even occasionally (3/10 shots at the most, more like 1.5/10) hit a plastic army guy on semi at 30 yards. Keep in mind, however, that this is with the sights adjusted, along with the hopup adjusted for this distance.

The BB flies 60 yards with the hopup set optimally, and you probably couldn't get the BB to go farther if no matter what other level the hopup is set at. It is accurate the whole way (maybe 1-2 foot groupings), except for those every 1/25 shots that flies randomly off target.

4. Durability
This is where the gun looses everything in my book. The durability is horrible, and there are millions of things that can go wrong, and it doesn't matter how good your gun is if it won't fire.

If the temperature is too low, even if it's just above freezing, the gun won't fire. If the battery is low and it's cold, the gun won't fire. The gun's chamber becomes dirty incredibly fast, and the whole body and gearbox is prone to breaking. Not to mention the magsare horrible and feed only 3 rounds before needing to be wound again.

I gave this gun a six because of the performance and looks. It is pretty accurate, has good FPS, and is a good all around rifle. It looks good, too. However, the durability is something that leaves this gun gasping, those good-looking externals are weak, and the mags don't quite fit the bill, either.
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Registered: May 2007
Location: Utah
Posts: 67
Review Date: Mon August 6, 2007 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $90.00 | Rating: 9 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): FINISH! Metal Content, hard shooting
Cons: Bit difficult to take apart


FINISH! Metal Content, hard shooting and accurate. I got the folding stock version (UTG paratrooper). Very happy with it, the metal mags are great, feed reliably.


Bit difficult to take apart (small parts falling out everywhere), but I'm sure that happens with any airsoft gun. You do have to re-wind the hi-cap mags at least once to fire all the bb's, but since they hold 500 - 600 bb's that's understandable.
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