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I Chih Shivan Enterprise Co.,Ltd (ICS) L85A2
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Description: http://www.airsoftretreat.com/images/Home.gif
ICS L85 A2 review by XavierMace
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Real Steel History (from world.guns.ru)


The L85 is a gas operated, magazine fed, selective fire rifle of bullpup layout. The L85 is fed using NATO-standard (STANAG) magazines, similar to M16 type magazines, with the standard capacity of 30 rounds. Early L85A1 steel magazines caused a lot of troubles, as well as a magazine housing itself, which had a thin walls that could be easily dented, thus blocking the magazine way. Both magazines and its housings were upgraded in the L85A2 configuration.

The standard sighting equipment is the 4X SUSAT (Sight Unit, Small Arms, Trilux) telescope, with illuminated reticle. The SUSAT is mounted on a quick-detachable mount at the top of the receiver, and features an emergency backup open sights at its top. The SUSAT allows for an accurate fire (mostly in single shots) out to 400-500 meters. For a second-line troops an alternative sighting system is available, that consists of the removable front post sight with high base and post protection "ears", and a detachable carrying handle with built-in diopter rear sight.
The L85 can be fitted with the proprietary knife-type multipurpose bayonet. L85A2 rifles also can be fitted with 40mm under-barrel grenade launcher, using special handguard. Launcher is made in Germany by Heckler-Koch.


Basic Information
The ICS L85 is available from Airsplat for $349.95. The gun ships in ICS's standard packaging with the red felt like interior, 2 high capacity magazines, a cleaning rod, instructions, and a bottle of .20g BB's. The box is clearly designed to fit the L86 A2 as well, but holds the L85 A2 firmly in place, minimizing the chances of damage during shipping. The box also includes a carrying handle which is a nice little touch.


Product Description/First Impressions:
The first thing you notice when removing the gun from the box is the weight. ICS was not playing around with the externals on this gun. The gun has a noticeable heft to it and is completely without any creaks or wobble. The only movement on the gun is the battery sliding around in the grip. The safety and selector both firmly click into place and the carry handle is securely mounted to the gun. The gun ships with a nice metal flash hider, with the required orange tip.

With its stamped steel receiver and high quality synthetic grips combined with its heft, the gun is probably one of the more realistic feeling replicas around. The steel receiver is solid and very authentic looking. The never lost (locking) bolts firmly click into place yet are easily removed without tools.

Selector Assembly

Front Handguard

Stamped Steel Receiver

Magazine Release

Disassembled into it's main components


The ICS L85/L86 series guns feature a completely new gearbox design. The biggest feature most people will be interested in is the adjustable spring guide. The spring guide has 3 settings which allow you to adjust the tension of the spring. The gun ships with the guide on the medium setting, which shoots .20g BB's at 370fps out of the box. Adjusting the spring guide is a pretty easy process, but does require removing the gearbox from the gun. Once it is out, you just remove the pin, push the spring guide to it's desired location and reinsert the pin.

Newly Designed Gearbox

Automotive Fuse

The ICS L85 takes standard M4/M16 style magazines. The gun includes two ICS 450rd high capacity M16 magazines. The mags wind smoothly, lock firmly into place, and drop freely. The included mags fed smoothly as well as Star PMags. Power wise, the gun takes a large battery in the handgrip. Connection is a standard Large Tamiya connector. Contrary to the norm, the ICS L85 uses standard automotive fuses which can be found just about any where. My 9.6v 4800mah Large battery easily fit in and would appear to have room for another cell as well for those who feel the need for more power.

Performance Characteristics:
As stated previously, the gun fired smoothly right out of the box. Gun has undergone full chrono testing on all 3 spring settings. On the weakest setting, the gun averages 330fps, on the medium setting it averages 365fps, and on the highest setting it averages 410fps with .20's.

Accuracy wise, the gun is a little lacking. The hop up adjusts very precisely and clicks into place. However the shots vary considerably horizontally. With the included .20g BB's, it struggled to consistently hit the target at 75'. With .25g AE Black BB's, the accuracy improved substantially. The gun was now hitting the target consistently, but still with more horizontal variance than I would like. I'm going to clean out the barrel and hop up to see if that resolves the issue. After being broken in a little bit, it does appear to be stabilizing.

75', resting, with .20g ICS BB's

75', resting, with .25g Airsoft Elite Black BB's

At this time, there is a limited amount of accessories available for L85's. ICS has previously announced their intentions to make two additional models, the L86 A2 and the L85 A2 Carbine. While unconfirmed, it has been hinted that these versions might be available as upgrade kits. This is backed up by the fact that the manual includes instructions for the L86 A2 as well as the box is clearly designed with the larger L86 in mind.


Internally, the gun is effectively a standard ICS gun. The gun comes standard with a Turbo 3000 high torque motor and an M120 spring. As mentioned previously, one of the unique features of this gun is the adjustable spring guide. This allows you to adjust your guns FPS without replacing the spring or opening the gearbox. However, adjusting the spring guide does require you to remove the gearbox from the gun. While this is by no means a difficult process, it can't be done while on the field.

Skirmish Results
The gun performed quite well at it's first all day skirmish. The gun was used on the high spring setting and powered by a 9.6v 4800mah Large battery. The was reasonably accurate for a stock gun and the hopup was quite stable. The gun did not have any misfires or other malfunctions during the skirmish.

The ICS L85 is a very solid addition to ICS's lineup and may well be the first L85 on the market that is reliable and performs well right out of the box. The gun has several nice features that really make it stand out, most notably the adjustable spring guide and the use of automotive fuses. The Star PMag's fit VERY nicely, dare I say perfectly into the gun with the magwell being just tight enough to allow only minimal wobble yet loose enough for the mags to drop freely. So far, my biggest complaints are the fact that the trigger is pretty stiff due to the necessary linkage and the sights are a royal pain to adjust. That said, the gun shoots very smoothly, even on the stronger spring setting. Mags lock very securely into place and I have not experienced any feeding issues with the included ICS high capacity magazines or Star Midcaps. I would also highly recommend replacing the Large plugs both for performance and for ease of battery installation. It makes the installation of the hand guard MUCH easier when you have the battery in it.

End Notes:
Many thanks to Airsplat and ICS for providing this gun for review. Additional pictures are available at photos.xaviermace.com.

Written by XavierMace, 12/08/08
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