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ACM KAC M203 Standalone Launcher Platform
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Description: http://www.airsoftretreat.com/images/Home.gif
ACM KAC M203 Standalone Launcher Platform

Review by aznriptide859

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For a long time standalone launchers have been hard to come by; CAW made the infamous 6-shot rotary GL, some M79 replicas exist, and G&P remains the sole maker of the KAC M203 Standalone GL, which is horribly overpriced ($230 for the platform, $450 for the platform and launcher), which leads to a lot of custom made grenade launchers. Only recently have ACM companies joined in the the M203 market and made a replica KAC M203 GL platform. It's a cheap alternative to the G&P version and is definitely worth the money.

Basic Information


(From KAC's website:)

"The KAC M203 is a single shot 40mm grenade launcher widely used amongst US combat units. For modern infantry warfare, grenade launchers are great demand for their effectiveness in launching HE rounds, smoke, signaling rounds or illuminating flares. KAC has contrivuted (sic) this capability by developing its Quick Detach/Attach (QD) Latch Assembly as part of the Goverment's Modular Weapon System (MWS)."

Product Description/First Impressions:

First out a month ago on Gunner's Airsoft in HK, it's priced at $40. I bought it with a $10 ACOG Docter mount and the total came out to be $77 shipped to Durham, NC. I ordered on November 19 with EMS shipping, and it arrived December 1.

The items came in a horrible packaged box, filled with what seemed like excess foam packing from a computer box. Since none of my pieces were fragile, I guess it didn't matter to Gunner's that it was packed poorly.

Please note: unlike the G&P version, the ACM platform is meant for RIS mounted M203's only, not barrel mounted.


The $40 pays for the platform - nothing else. It looks exactly like the G&P platform minus the side rails, large leaf sight, and the KAC trades. The platform is made of a tough nylon/plastic polymer, and doesn't bend like some other plastics I've seen on ACM products.


There are two main rails - one for mounting the M203 and one on top for mounting sights and such.



There is also a small hole meant for 1/2 inch push-insert sling swivels, and I'm positive all these types of swivels will fit. I installed a G&G one recently and it's a perfect fit with smooth rotation.


The pistol grip is a standard M4 grip. On the inside it seems it's attached via a bolt and washer lock. This leaves me to believe any M4 grip will work, but it'll take some ingenuity to find out how the grip is detached. Otherwise I think it's a great stock grip. There is an area in front of the grip that also helps latch the M203's trigger guard.



The rear section is meant for mounting M4 buffer tubes. All the ones I had (Dboys, JG, and G&P) all fit perfectly with no wobble. There is a brass screw nut inside (hard to see) which makes sure the stock stays on very sturdily. Stock choice is then determined by user - I personally use a M4 LE 4-pos stock.



Launcher Installation/Use:

The platform accepts all RIS-mounted M203's and other accessories. I found my G&P RIS-mounted short M203 fit on there perfectly, in two possible positions.


From this point on the launcher acts like any other launcher on the market, minus the extra 10 lbs from your base gun. Whatever M203 you mount on here, it loads whatever ammo it uses.




Since the gun has a top rail, you can fit almost any sight on it you want, though a leaf sight is preferred since it's a grenade launcher. Weird ideas can also come to mind for mounting items on the lower RIS - this doesn't have to be used as a GL platform.


This platform is definitely upgradable and customizable. The front end is hollow, so custom fitting side rails like the RS KAC M203 will definitely work. M4 grips can be swappable, though disassembly can be hard. Besides the mentioned upgrades all other upgrades are aftermarket add-ons at the owner's discretion.

Skirmish Results
First, some endurance tests: I dropped the launcher/platform/stock on many sides about 10 times, and all the pieces stayed on it perfectly fine, which shows the durability and strength of the platform.

I took it to a skirmish this weekend, using 2 ACM POM grenades and 2 Madbull 108rnd grenades. Movement with it (with the sling swivel attached to a 1-pt sling) was very easy, as it was slung around my back most of the time. In urban areas of the field, the GL was a great room clearer - shooting into windows and firing into doorways proved useful as I got a few kills clearing out buildings. I love how maneuverable the launcher was compared to being mounted on my HK416 (which made the entire gun heavy), and can be used individually in MOUT/CQB environments.


-Cheap compared to the G&P Standalone Platform
-Accepts all M203 RIS mounted versions (long and short)
-Can accept almost all M4-compatible stocks/buffer tubes
-Heavily customizable

-Only available from China (at time of writing)
-No side rails
-Won't fit QD M203's
-Needs an M203 for the platform to be useful
-Not metal like the G&P version

Overall for $40 this is definitely a good item for those looking to solely enter the battlefield as either a sole grenadier or anti-vehicle role. Compared to the G&P's M203 this is absolutely worth the price - it's sturdy, heavily upgradable, and a great "gun" to use.

End Notes:

Many thanks to Gunner's for providing this item.

Additional pictures, with added G&P Aimpoint:





Written by aznriptide859, 12/3/08
Posts: 8,732
Registered: January 2007
Location: West Jordan, UT

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