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A&K SR-25
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Description: http://www.airsoftretreat.com/images/Home.gif
A&K SR-25 review by XavierMace
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Basic Information
This A&K SR-25 is available from AirSplat for $199. The A&K SR-25 is available in two versions. The standard SR-25 featured in this review and the shorter SR-25K URX.

Real Steel History - Courtesy of: world.guns.ru


The SR 25 rifle (Stoner Rifle, model 25) was developed by Reed Knight (owner of Knights Armament Co) and Eugene Stoner (designer of M16 and Stoner 63 rifles among other things) during early 1990s. In essence, the SR 25 was the AR-15 rifle scaled up to shoot 7,62x51 / .308 Win ammunition, with up to 60% of parts of new rifle being interchangeable with standard AR-15 components. This rifle sold well among civilian shooters who needed an accurate semi-automatic rifle in 7,62 / .308 caliber for hunting or target shooting. This rifle also found a favor among US Military - during early 1990s it was adopted by US Navy SEAL groups, as Mark 11 Model 0 sniper rifle system; use of Mk.11 Mod.0 rifle was later extended to US Marine Corps. Mark 11 Model 0 rifle system included the semi-automatic SR-25 rifle, a quick-detachable sound mock mock mock mock suppressor, also developed by Knights Armament Co, Leupold Vari-X Mil-dot telescope sight, Harris bipod, 20-round magazines and other necessary accessories. In 2005, a modified version of the SR-25 / Mk.11 rifle won US Army Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle (XM110 SASR) competition, and today it is being issued to US Army snipers, in attempt to replace venerable M24 Sniper Weapon System. A certain controversy exists about this replacement, as some experts doubt that Knight's semi-automatic XM110 rifle could equal long-range accuracy of the bolt-action M24. However, Knights Armament Co claims that SR-25 is capable of 0.5 MOA accuracy with match ammo, and in the field Mk.11 or XM110 rifle can proved accurate and rapid fire out to 600 meters or even more, depending on particular circumstances and proficiency of operator. Use of quick-detachable mock mock mock mock silencer / sound moderator also has several benefits, the most obvious being concealment of the operator's position, as mock mock mock mock silencer decreases the sound of gunshot and completely eliminates muzzle flash. Another, less obvious benefit is that mock mock mock mock silencer also acts as an effective muzzle brake, decreasing recoil and thus permitting faster follow-up shots.


Product Description/first Impressions:
The A&K SR-25 comes in a standard box with styrofoam packaging and a cardboard lid. The package includes the gun, quick detach mock mock mock mock silencer, vertical grip, 1 High Capacity magazine, 8.4v "Mini" battery, battery charger, small bags of BB's, screwdriver, and a cleaning rod. The included battery is the only real disappointment with this gun. The gun is designed to be used as a sniper rifle and has a full stock. Yet they include a weak 8.4v mini battery. While the battery will certainly allow the gun to function, it's puzzling why they couldn't at least have gone with an 8.4v Large battery (and matching plug) as this would give the gun much better performance out of the box.


The gun is almost completely metal except the pistol grip and stock. The front sight is integrated into the gas block and also features the mounting grooves for the QD mock mock mock mock silencer. The rear sight is a standard Knights Flip Up sight. The fore grip is a Knights style rifle length Free Float RIS. The stock is a standard M16 fixed stock. The pistol grip is a standard M16 pistol grip. The barrel is a proprietary, non-threaded 1 piece barrel. The vertical grip is a standard rail mounted grip.



The metal parts on the gun have a very nice looking finish, however seem to scratch exceedingly easy. That said, the parts have a nice weight to them and seem quite durable. The plastic parts of the gun are of average quality. All 3 of the plastic parts have very noticeable seam lines. They are reasonably solid parts though, and I don't have any concerns about their durability. The gun is a bit of a pain to take down because of pins using a hex screw to hold them in. The only area of possible concern is the small tab used to hold the upper receiver in place. It's a bit smaller than I would like and if you aren't careful and bang the front end of your gun around, I could see this piece failing.


The gun uses an extended V2 gearbox like other SR-25's, such as the G&P. While the box appears similar to a standard V2, it is considerably longer than the normal V2's. Because of this, not 100% of the parts are compatible with normal V2 parts.


The gearbox has quite a bit of greenish grease all over. The tappet plate seems a bit soft. As you can see in the below pictures, it was bent in the gearbox. Overall, the gearbox seems solid enough albeit somewhat plain. The spring feels to be in the M120-M130 range.


The gears have A&K markings and definitely appear to be the highlight of the gearbox. They are quite solid and suit the guns purpose very well. Because of the longer piston discussed below, the gears are not compatible with standard V2's. The bushings are pretty much standard metal bushings.


As stated previously, the gun is not compatible with all standard V2 parts. As you can see below, the piston is longer than a standard V2. Because of this, the cylinder is also longer than normal.


The spring guide is a standard V2 metal bearing spring guide. Not much to say about that.


Below is a standard V2 gearbox for size comparison.


The included motor has a very respectable amount of torque and has no issues pulling the stiff stock spring, despite the weak battery. This gun definitely has power to spare if you want to upgrade it further.

The gun uses proprietary SR-25/AR-10 style magazines. The mags are not compatible with other .308 style mags, such as M14's or SCAR-H's. The gun includes 1 20rd style long magazine. The magazine is metal, winds smoothly, and feeds flawlessly both with the stock chamber and the Element. Magazine capacity is 470 rounds, which is an abundance for the role this gun is designed for.

Performance Characteristics:
Accuracy wise, the SR-25 comes into it's own. This is quite possibly the most accurate stock AEG I have ever handled. Even under less than ideal conditions, the gun is exceptionally accurate. From 75', standing, unbraced, the gun is shooting 4" groupings.


Using a KM P90 Tight bore, the groupings tightened by an inch despite the short barrel.


Bracing slightly, the groupings tighten another half an inch horizontally. Vertically the grouping tightened an inch.


From a proper prone position using a bipod, I would easily expect the gun to be well under 2" groupings from 75'. Velocity wise, the gun also performed well with an average velocity of 448 fps with Airsplat .20g BB's. If you are looking to make a nice DMR, I would highly recommend considering the A&K SR-25 for the base gun.

Furniture wise, the gun takes standard airsoft M16 grips and stocks. It also takes standard M16 fore ends and barrels.


Because of this, the SR-25 makes a good platform to make replica's of some of the rarer AR style weapons around such as the Noveske Leonidas, Armalite AR-10 Super SASS, and others. Above picture is my beginning work on a Noveske Leonidas. The Magpul MIAD grip fits and functions flawlessly.

Upgrades are this guns weak point, depending on how you look at it. The use of the SR-25/PSG-1 elongated piston setup means you don't really have any upgrade options. However, given the guns stock performance, there really isn't a need to upgrade them. The spring, inner barrel, hopup, and motor are all standard parts. As part of my project, my gun has had the barrel and hopup replaced with an Element Chamber and a JBU M4 length tight bore. The spring is going to be downgraded to the 330-350fps range.

Skirmish Results
The gun performed flawlessly in it's skirmish, far better than any other gun in it's price range. Players were very shocked to see a sub-$200 gun performing so well. The gun had zero issues during the entire game. The gun never once failed to feed or fire. The gun was run with an 11.1v 1100mah 20C LiPo battery which gives the gun near instant trigger response. The battery easily lasted all day.

For the price, it's really hard to find fault with this gun. It has no real issues, and the only major concern (the previously mention receiver tab) just means you will have to be a bit careful banging it into things. This is easily offset by the fantastic performance of the gun, even in stock form. The only final gripe is magazine selection. I would really like to see some midcap or even standard mags for the gun. But, for $200 or less you are getting a gun that's very skirmish worthy right out of the box.

End Notes:
Many thanks to Airsplat.com for providing the gun. Thanks to the AS-R community for reading the review. As always, additional pictures are available here.

Written by XavierMace, 3/1/09
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