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NC Star STR432G 4x32 Scope
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0 12401 Sun August 30, 2009
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Description: http://www.airsoftretreat.com/images/Home.gif
NC Star STR432G 4x32 Scope review by Booligan


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Table of Contents:
Ordering/Company Info
Basic Information
First impressions/Packaging
Proper Use

I’m a bit of a fan of magnifying optics on my airsoft guns, both because they look good, and because I’m blind as a bat and need the magnification so I can actually see my targets! The major issue with most magnifying scopes is that they’re big and bulky, with most normal models being far over 10” long. NC Star has manufactured a compact magnifying scope that’s small enough to fit on nearly every gun, as well as having a QD feature, all of which I’ll cover in the upcoming sections!

Ordering/Company Info:
I was browsing Airsplat’s new products page and I came across the STR432G, and was very interested in it due to the compact size and nice list of features. It also looks good, plain and simple with a style similar to an ACOG, but with some very unique qualities. At the time of this review, the scope is priced at Airsplat at $59.95, almost $40 less than comparable models being sold at other airsoft retailers.

Basic Information:
In short, this scope can best be described as a full metal 4x32 scope with built in bullet drop compensator, both in the form of a special reticle as well as a top turret that adjusts in 100 yard intervals (based on standard .223 55g ammunition). In airsoft, this doesn’t mean TOO much, but with some practice, you can determine where you should be aiming at various ranges with your airsoft replica. It utilizes an integrated quick detach (QD) mounting deck to quickly and easily mount it to any 20mm rail equipped gun. It is also available with an AR carry handle mounting deck, if you choose to mount one that way.

First impressions/Packaging:
The scope arrived in a normal green NC Star box, which was surprisingly large for such a compact scope. Inside the box, black high density foam held the scope secure for transit. The packaging should prevent any damage during shipping, and would even work well for general storage.

From here on, click all pictures to enlarge
The box

Included with the scope are some simple covers for storage and transportation, an instruction booklet, a quick reference page on how to use the range finding reticle, a cleaning cloth, and a spare CR2032 battery for the illumination feature.

Everything included

Weight: 14.7oz
Length: 6.63”
Width: 2.75”
Height (Overall): 3”
Height (From mounting deck to center of lens): 1.25”
Eye Relief: 3”
Magnification: 4x fixed
Objective Diameter: 32mm

This scope is entirely made of metal with glass lenses. It’s a “real-steel” scope, so it should take airsoft abuse with ease. I wouldn’t risk lens shots with it, as most scopes aren’t designed to take a direct shot with a BB.

Starting at the rear, you can adjust the focus with the rotary dial. I find that it’s pretty well set from the factory, but if you’re doing very close range shooting, you can adjust it down. This is also where the laser engraved NC Star logo and info on the model are.

Rear lens, trademarks, etc

The center section of the scope is where the elevation, windage, and illumination knobs are. The windage knob is located on the right and is hand adjustable in ½” per click at 100 yards. Bear in mind, this is for real steel usage, just dial it in until you hit your target at your selected range.

Windage knob

The top located elevation knob adjusts in two ways. Primary elevation setting should be achieved by turning the main knob to 1, then unscrewing the top cap and adjusting the small inner knob to your desired point of impact. Once it’s zeroed, replace the top cap. The main knob now serves as a bullet drop adjuster, again for a .223 55g cartridge. It has 5 settings, each one for an additional 100 yards of accurate shooting (100y, 200y, etc).

Elevation knob (bullet drop mode)

Actual zeroing elevation knob

The left side dial is the illumination adjuster. It’s a relatively simple rheostat affair, with three brightness settings for both red and green illumination. Battery replacement is accomplished by unscrewing the top of the dial, and replacements are common CR2032 large button batteries.

Illumination dial

The front of the scope houses the front 32mm objective lens, as well as a “slash cut” minimal sunshade. It’s a short and basic design, but serves its function well.

Front end

The mount is attached to the main body by two allen screws and a flat head screw. It utilizes an adjustable quick throw lever in order to secure it to your weapon. There is a cylinder placed horizontally at the front of the mount which keeps the scope from sliding forwards and backwards on your rail.

Mount, shown in the locked position

Mount, unlocked

QD adjustment screw/lock nut

Proper Use:
Mounting it to your gun is a relatively simple affair. Basically, flip the QD lever towards the front of the scope to loosen the mount, and place it on the 20mm rail of your gun, ensuring the cylinder at the front of the mount falls inside one of the gaps in the rails. Once you place it on, flip the lever back towards the rear. If the scope has some movement still after doing this, you need to adjust the lever. This is accomplished by unscrewing the lock nut on the left side of the scope, and screwing in the flat head screw until it is firm, then tightening the locking nut.

Adjusting the QD lever

The scope had a nicely designed reticle with range estimating and bullet drop compensating features. Basically, the center line is 1MOA wide, with the individual cross hair lines getting progressively larger. The width of the target compared to the width of the lines will tell you your estimated range. There is a piece of paper that comes with the scope explaining it better. There is also a choke style rangefinder at the bottom of the reticle that allows you to put it right between a targets shoulders and fire with a high hit probability, using .223 55g ammo out of a real rifle.


The illumination feature is nice and allows low light shooting by highlighting the reticle in your choice of red or green, and one of three brightness levels.

Red, full brightness

Green, full brightness

Looking through the scope is a no brainer, but the eye relief is a little short. It’s also pretty low profile when mounted, so you may need a scope riser if you use goggles or a mask. The zoom is fixed at 4x, which I find to be just right for airsoft recon and shooting.

Compact, able to mount on practically any weapon with a 20mm rail
Inexpensive (real steel quality for less than $60)
QD mounting allows it to be placed or removed quickly
Illumination for low light shooting
Hand adjustable turrets
Transport lens covers included

May have issues fitting out of spec rails
Relatively short eye relief
Reticle is great for real steel shooting, but a little over engineered for airsoft use

I needed a compact scope that would offer me mid-level magnification and could be easily installed and removed. This scope does all that and more, and at an affordable price. It’s survived being fallen on during a game and didn’t lose its zero. For fun, I put it on my Mini-14 (shooting 5.56 surplus ammo) and it performed very well. Overall, it’s a great little scope!

Many thanks again to Airsplat, Deadrag Airsoft Radio and of course, AirsoftRetreat!


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Registered: January 2007
Location: West Jordan, UT

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