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Homemade Mortar Launcher
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1 44943 Sun February 19, 2006
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100% of reviewers $13.00 9.0


Description: Reviews on any homemade mortar devices.
The Man
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Registered: June 2005
Location: The Colony, Texas
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Review Date: Sun February 19, 2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $13.00 | Rating: 9 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): CHEAP! this whole thing cost me about $13, very effective, devastating sound.
Cons: Looks weird, kind of bulky.

My M135-A2 3/4in airsoft mortar! I got the idea for this one after I took apart an old Super Soaker CPS 2100 and realized I could use its valve. My dad helped me with the final design, as he had experience with artillery, and other launchers in the 82nd airborne. Can you believe he’s shot Mortars, towed and self prop artillery, anti-aircraft missiles /guns, small arms, a Vulcan cannon, M203s, and a blooper. Not to mention the big browning .50 Cal. He really helped me with this project

When used correctly, this thing can blast 100 .12g bb’s 120-30 ft. with a 30ft. spread. The glory part is that you can use cheap, crappy bb’s. it is fully adjustable to all angles to provide a good surrounding of fire.

This is my least favorite part about this. It doesn’t look like a mortar. But, function over form!

To fire it, you put a cotton ball down the barrel using a ramrod of some sort. Pour as many bb’s as you want (max I suggest is 150) down the barrel. Pump it up till the air sac is full. Remove the pump. (optional) if you do remove the pump, and carry it around loaded, then you should put in a second cotton ball, to keep the bb’s from rolling out. Pull the valve pin to shoot it.

Little Features I like.
I made it so that it has a sling, and you can attach the bb’s, cotton, ramrod, and pump onto one rig.
With the bike valve I put on it, you can load it, then haul it around till your ready to fire.

It’s a nice little piece of machinery, and I cant get through a skirmish with out it. I highly suggest it to any one who cant afford an M203 and the expensive shells, but still wants good support. Its ugly but I love it.

Things to come...
im curently working on a shell system(not going so well) and if that doesn't work, im going to cut a hole iin the PVC, near the valve, and then put a hinged, air-tight, door on it, there in tern making it a breech- loader. I'll post on how it goes later!

Heres the new Schrader bike valve.
here it is packed...
...and in firing position.
In case you were wondering what it looked like, heres the A1

Special thanks to my dad for helping me out with this project, the guys at super soaker and the US Army!
Also to all you guys here at ASR. Thanks.

And I already know of about 3 other members here who have also made one of these, so lets see pics an reviews from yours.
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