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GHK AKS-74U and AK-105
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Description: http://www.airsoftretreat.com/images/Home.gif
GHK AKS-74U review by XavierMace
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Real Steel History from wikipedia.com
The AK-74 (Russian: Автомат Калашникова образца 1974 года or "Kalashnikov automatic rifle model 1974") is a 5.45mm assault rifle developed in the early 1970s in the Soviet Union. It was developed from the earlier AKM (itself a refined version of the AK-47) and introduced in 1974.


The rifle first saw service with Soviet forces engaged in the Afghanistan conflict. Presently, the rifle continues to be used by the majority of countries of the former USSR. Additionally, unlicensed copies were produced in Bulgaria (AK-74 and AKS-74U), China (Type 88), the former East Germany (MPi-AK-74N, MPi-AKS-74N, MPi-AKS-74NK) and Romania (PA md. 86).

Basic Information
The GHK AK series is a gas powered blowback rifle using either Green Gas/Propane or Co2 depending on magazine type. The gun comes in a plain cardboard box with one magazine and a small instruction sheet. The gun is available from Airsplat in two forms, the smaller AKS-74U configuration with wood grips and a metal triangle stock and the full size AK-105 with black polymer hand guards and a black polymer folding stock. Both models are available from Airsplat for $299.99.


Product Description/First Impressions:
The gun comes packaged in a grey box with a drawing of the internals of the gun over a silhouette of an AKS-74U in the background. Inside the box, there are three pieces of cardboard trying to hold the gun in place. Depending on your delivery guy, the results may vary. Fortunately we are purchasing this for the gun, not the packaging but I would like to see a little more padding or at least some Styrofoam in the box to prevent movement. The minimalist packaging carries over to the contents of the box as well. Inside the box, you will find the gun, 1 green gas magazine, and a instruction poster. Both guns were lighter than expected, but as with most gas guns, that's somewhat offset by the weight of the magazines.


The 105 has a little more weight to it than the 74U, but not by much. The 74U is a little better balanced weight wise than the 105 but that's not really something you would normally notice. Both guns use the same magazines and internals.


At first glance, the gun will appear to look just like any of the other AK's out there, especially the DBoys. Of course there's a good reason for that, the gun is in fact a Dboys' on the outside. However, pop open the dust cover like you would to insert the battery and you immediately see this is no normal AK.


Internally, the gun looks almost naked. Instead of seeing a receiver filled with a gearbox, wiring, etc, you just see a trigger assembly and a basic hopup chamber. Even the bolt looks plain from this view. You would almost think the gun is missing something. On the side you have the traditional AK selector with the SAFE-FULL-SEMI positioning. One note here is that the selector lever seems to be getting shipped from the factory loose. However, 5 minutes of work and a small o-ring resolve that issue.


To access the hopup, you must pull the bolt back and then you can turn the adjustment knob. As you may have noticed, this is NOT a normal AK hopup like you would see in an AEG. This hopup is more like a G36 hopup (it isn't one though). This gun does not have a bolt lock system, so you must hold back the bolt to adjust the hopup. The recoil spring is not horribly stiff however, so this is not really a difficult process.


The front sight is a pretty normal hood sight with elevation adjustment. Nothing too fancy or anything, but it certainly gets the job done. The gun does not include an adjustment tool, so you will have to make due without or find your own tool


The rear sight thankfully (IMO) is not the same as what you see on most AK's but a simple "U" notch sight. Once again, nothing too fancy but it gets the job done. Pretty much what you would expect on an AK.


The rear stock is the traditional folding triangle stock that the 74U is known for. The stock is metal, and folds to the left side of the gun where it locks in place with a catch on the receiver. The stock feels very sturdy and is easy to fold. You also find the only trademarks on the gun right by the latch as well.


The flash hider is the one thing that might throw some people off. The gun comes with a standard, metal, 74U style flash hider but it is NOT a 14mm threaded flash hider. The flash hider is mounted on an adapter which is secured into place with a small set screw. You must remove this adapter to access the 14mm threads, at which point you can mount any flash hider you want. I put a Fire Pig on there until I can get a Krink style one. It sounds fantastic on this gun as a side note. As this gun uses Dboys externals, this is the same process you find on the regular Dboys 74U's.


The gun uses proprietary GHK AK74 magazines. The magazines are available in two forms, a 50rd Green Gas magazine (which is what is included with the gun) and a 50rd CO2 magazine. The CO2 magazine improves the performance of the gun due to the higher pressure of CO2. However the gun already shoots pretty hard on a fresh green gas magazine, so you may want to check your local fields FPS restrictions before purchasing the CO2 mags. Both types of magazines are available at Airsplat for $49.99.


The magazines are exceptionally light for gas gun magazines but feel sturdy enough. The fill valve on the green gas magazine is located on the bottom of the magazine. The magazines smoothly lock into place and don't have any wobble that I could detect.

Performance Characteristics:
Thanks to the large, heavy, metal bolt this gun has just about the most pleasing blow back I have ever felt on an airsoft gun. It's a much harder kick than smaller gas guns like the Well/Maruzen MP5k or the KWA M11A1. The velocity is also much higher than those guns, chronoing at 403fps (10 shot average) with .25g Airsplat BB's using propane in a fresh Green Gas magazine. However, the pleasure of the heavy bolt does come at a cost. The rate of fire on the gun is lower than most gas guns at 800rpm on above mentioned fresh mag. I stress fresh mag because the biggest downside of the gun, is the very rapid cool down of the magazines. The FPS drops off in a hurry on this gun. I suspect the CO2 magazines would also perform better in this category as well. That said, that does not stop this gun from being a complete blast to shoot. It's also noticeably louder than most other gas guns and have a very nice metallic clanking when shooting. For posterity's sake, I also verified that you can shoot the gun with the dust cover removed like you can on a real one. I do not recommend doing that both for the guns sake and for your safety.

One nice thing about this gun, is it's based off Dboy's AK74's and therefore should be able to use a variety of existing airsoft parts. I'm pondering going all out blasphemy and getting a RIS kit for it. Unfortunately I am not an AK person in general and don't have any parts I can use to confirm that but there's no reason I can see that you can't use the same parts you can use on the regular Dboys.

At this time, RA-Tech lists an NPAS bolt and a metal hopup chamber for the GHK AK's but I have not seen them anywhere stateside at this time. Beyond that, I am not aware of any other upgrades for the GHK AK's.

Skirmish Results
Unfortunately the cool down can cause issues using full auto fire in skirmishes, but it's an otherwise fun gun to shoot. I have not experienced any failures on either the 74U or the 105 and none of the mags have developed any leaks yet which is not something I can say about many of the current gas guns.

As with most gas guns I own, I buy them because they are a blast to shoot, not necessarily because they are the most skirmish worthy guns out there. In this regard, the gun does not disappoint. It's loud, it's got a good kick, and it's got decent performance out of the box. If you are looking for something fun to shoot or something to just intimidate your friends, this is a good place to start.

End Notes:
Many thanks to Airsplat for graciously providing this gun for review. I am also planning on doing an update once I get the chance to get some aftermarket parts in to confirm compatibility so keep an eye out for that.

Written by XavierMace, 03/21/2010
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